Suzuki Supercarry - Bedford Rascal


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Bedford Rascal
Introduced in April 1986 and produced in Luton by Bedford/Vauxhall until June 1990.

Suzuki Supercarry
Produced until 1999

Suzuki Carry
Sold in the UK between 1999 and 2005. Production continues in Japan for the local market.

Bedford Rascal

Welcome to my web site dedicated these iconic little micro vans; primarily the Bedford Rascal and Suzuki Supercarry.

Update 04/01/2017
I've aquired yet another Rascal. So after over 6 years I've gone from having no Rascals to once again owning two in less than 3 months! Click here for more...

Update 18/12/2016:
I found a Rascal for sale in Ireland but it was 100 miles away. I made the trip with the car transporter yesterday and picked it up. So after almost a 6 year gap I am officially back as a Bedford Rascal owner. Click here for more...

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G16B 1.6 engine into a Suzuki Carry
I have finally finished installing the 1.6 engine into my little van!!

Please note that, unfortunately, I no longer own the blue Rascals or the Bambi on this web site. I sold my collection of Rascal vans to a chap who said he was going to use them locally as Pizza delivery vans. I later found out that they were both exported so I have no chance of ever getting them back.

I am currently looking for a new Rascal to start my collection again, ideally in cargo blue (the light blue colour of my old Rascal) but will consider any colour. If you have a Rascal van for sale please contact me first. I can organise collection anywhere in the UK or Ireland.